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What is ROTU IPTA?

What is ROTU?

ROTU is stand for Reserve Officer Training Unit and it has in IPTA around Malaysia. ROTU are includes of 3 services which is ROTU Army, ROTU Navy and also ROTU Airforce.

This all 3 services are not included in all IPTA...some IPTA just only have ROTU Army. Only certain IPTA have ROTU Navy such as UiTM which is only at the main branch, Shah Alam, USM, UUM, UM, UPM, UTM and the latest UMT which newly born in 2007. For Rotu Airforce, in UiTM Shah Alam and Samarahan branch, UUM, USM, UNIMAS.

ROTU Navy in UiTM

ROTU Navy in UiTM was born in 1997 which start from intake 1 and now was 2009, nowadays the new comer was intake 13 which start join in August. We was stay for free in Teratai College (hostel) in UiTM Shah Alam. We are under KD Sri Klang (KDSK) with other IPTA, UM and UPM. However, USM and UUM are under KD Sri Pinang, UTM under KD Sri Medini and UMT is under PSTL Chendering.

  Officer under training need 3 years to fulfill their training to become acting sub lieutenant. Before that, rank in 3 years are : -

1st year - Officer Cadet

2nd - 3rd year - Midshipmen

Otherwise, for IPTA under KDSK and KDSM, the Midshipmen will separate into 2 categories :-

2nd year -Junior Midshipmen

3rd year - Senior Midshipmen

to know detail about ROTU and Royal Malaysian Navy..

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